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Water filling capping machine

Water Filling Capping Machine Description

Product NameWater filling capping machine
Power220 (kw)
Number of filling heads4
Filling volume30-1000 (can be customized) (ml) (ml)
Applicable bottle heightCustomizable (mm) (mm)
Applicable bottle diameterCustomizable (mm) (mm)
Throughput30-60 (cans/min)
Filling Precision+-0.5 (%)
Package typebottle
Working principlenormal pressure
Applicable objectOral liquid, cosmetics, hair care products, fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, skin care
Applicable industrieschemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical
Material typeliquid

Guangzhou HENGGUAN mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a German authorized Asia Pacific automated machinery manufacturer, and its products are widely used in daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. We have rich experience in the cosmetics equipment industry. Whether it is perfume, facial mask or water cream, we will provide you with reasonable automatic production and packaging solutions. HENGGUAN machinery attaches importance to product research and development and the concept of technology, and strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system and GMP health standards. It adopts the original accessories imported from Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other places to manufacture high-quality products that satisfy and trust customers, successfully serves the manufacturers, and is exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, and is highly praised!

The company always takes “innovation, integrity and efficiency” as its purpose, and will continue to provide reliable products and perfect services to customers who choose HENGGUAN machinery, so as to jointly develop and create good results!


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